Israeli technology help to save lives on the roads

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The goal of Mobileye, a global pioneer in developing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), is to develop and market vision-based systems that will help drivers keep passengers safe on the roads and decrease traffic accidents by warning about dangerous situations and even braking the vehicle when necessary. To date, Mobileye’s technology has been implemented and launched by BMW, Volvo, GM and Ford in over one million vehicles.

Beginning in 2014, the system will become standard for new vehicles as per the standards set by Euro-NCAP. (Developed in association with Hebrew University.)

Mobileye celebrated the shipment of its 1 million EyeQ devices during fall of 2012 and expects to deliver 1.5M devices during 2013. Mobileye is expecting to launch camera-based semi-autonomous driving technologies as early as 2016/17 time-frame. Mobileye’s after-market subsidiary manufactures and delivers complete systems to the consumer market with a worldwide distribution channels.

Its products are already installed by large fleet companies around the world and are accepted by many insurance companies. Headquartered in The Netherlands, Mobileye has the world’s largest machine vision development center in, Israel, and offices in the United States, Cyprus, China, Germany and Japan.

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